Paging Dr. Watson

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2011-02-17  中國時報 中廣新聞/夏明珠】

IBM的超級電腦華森,在電腦與人腦的競賽中,為人工智慧再下一城,華森替 IBM賺進七萬七千147美元的獎金,不過IBM創造它,肯定不是為了賺獎金,那麼華森還有哪些能耐?





The Jeopardy! episodes this week served as a way for IBM to measure its progress in developing technology that would come up with answers to an incredibly wide array of questions covering many topics. IBM wanted to size up Watson’s performance along five metrics, according to David Ferrucci, the IBM researcher who led Watson’s development. These included the ability to respond to a broad and open domain (Jeopardy! questions come from any number of categories), questions formed in complex language with a variety of grammatical structures (often including wordplay that helps make the show more entertaining), high precision (there is a penalty for wrong answers), accurate confidence (betting depends on faith in one’s answer) and high speed (the first player to buzz in gets first crack at answering a question).

size up : to form a judgment of <size up the situation> 考虑或估量

It only took a few seconds for her to size up the situation.

Some US manufacturers have been sizing up the UK as a possible market for their clothes…
He spent the evening sizing me up intellectually.
A woman doesn’t size up a man with her eyes but by her sensitive understanding. She pays attention to a man’s character, just as a man does a woman’s appearance.

page : verb to number or mark the pages of; to turn the pages (as of a book or magazine) especially in a steady or haphazard manner

給…標頁碼; 翻閱, 瀏覽
I was paging through a magazine when he came in.


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