1.字根 curre <to run>的相關字: 

incur (v.) /ɪn'kɝ/ 
1.  to become liable or subject to 
2.  bring down upon oneself 
1.  She had incurred the wrath of her father by      
    marrying without his consent. 
2.  You risk incurring bank charges if you 
    exceed your overdraft limit. 

incursion (n.) /ɪn'kɝʒən/ 
invasion, intrusion, attack, raid, infiltration, 
violation, encroachment 
1.  侵略;入侵 
2.  進入;流入;侵入 
1.  The military's plan called for a quick and 
    unexpected incursion into the neighboring 
    country. (attack, invasion) 
2.  The police incursion into the suspected drug 
    dealer's home turned up a large number of 
    illicit drugs. (raid, infiltration) 

recur (v.) /rɪ'kɝ/ 
1.  to happen again or a number of times 
2.  come back into the mind 
1.  再發生;復發 
2.  (往事等)再現;重新憶起 
3.  (問題等)被重新提出;重提 
1.  The symptoms tend to recur.這種症狀有可能復發。 
2.  Our first meeting often recurs to me/my 
    mind.  我們初次見面的情形時常浮現於我的腦海。 
3.  The recurring decimal 3.999... is also 
    described as 3.9 recurring. 

concur (v.) /kən'kɝ/ 
1.  to express agreement 
2.  to act together to a common end or single effect 
1.  同意;一致;贊成 
2.  同時發生 
1.  I concur with the speaker in condemning 
    what has been done.我同意發言者對所做的事加以譴責。 
2.  Several circumstances concurred to bring 
    about the result.幾種情況合在一起導致了這個結局。 

courier (n.) /'kurɪɚ/ 
messenger conveyer envoy 
1.  送遞急件的信差 
2.  導遊;嚮導 
3.  情報員 
1.  The letter was delivered by a courier this 
2.  You will probably learn more on this trip if 
    you go with a courier. 

cursive (n.)(adj.) /'kɝsɪv/ 
having a flowing, easy, impromptu character 
1.  草寫的字母;草寫體的文件 
2.  草寫的 
1.  Chinese  cursive  writing is very difficult to 
2.  For centuries, cursive handwriting has been 
    an art. New York Times Apr 28, 2011 

cursory (adj.) /'kɝsərɪ/ 
perfunctory, casual, passing, hasty 
1.  He put aside the papers after a cursory study.   

cursor (n.) /'kɝsɚ/ 
a movable item used to mark a position 
1.  In one project, Microsoft’s programmers 
    developed software that added multiple 
    cursors on the screen, each controlled by a 
    separate mouse. New York Times Apr 18, 2010 

precursor (n.) /prɪ'kɝsɚ/ 
predecessor forerunner ancestor originator trailblazer 
1.  The precursor to our current network 
    infrastructure was slow and bulky. 
2.  After his precursory statements outlining the 
    project, we got into the heart of the meeting. 
    (introductory, first, initial) adjective 

2.字根 cub, cumb <to lie>的相關字:
incubus /'ɪŋkjəbəs/ (n.)夢淫妖(舊時傳說中與熟睡女子交合的妖魔)
Incubus comes from the Latin word  incubo, 
meaning "nightmare, one who lies down on (the sleeper)," 
which describes an evil spirit that crushes people in their 
sleep, triggering terrible nightmares and making them feel 
like they're suffocating. 
In the Middle Ages, not only did people believe  incubi (yes, 
that's the plural) were real, they passed laws against these 
terrifying spirits.

succubus /ˈsʌkjʊbəs/ (n.)(傳說與睡眠中的男子交媾的)女妖精
First used in the late 14th century, the noun  succubus 
has origins in the Late Latin word succubare, 
meaning to "lie under." This is exactly what a
succubus might do to men as she engages in sexual 
intercourse as they sleep. This female demon of the sleep 
first appeared in medieval folklore and has 
taken on many forms, ranging from beautiful enchantress 
to a ghastly supernatural being portrayed in literature, 
film, music, and video games. 

incumbent /ɪn'kʌmbənt/ (adj.)
It is incumbent upon all users of this equipment 
to familiarize themselves with the safety procedure. 

succumb /sə'kʌm/ (adj.)屈服;委棄;聽任被壓垮;死 
  The town succumbed after a short siege. 
  The driver has succumbed to (= died of) his injuries. 
  Exhausted from overwork and underfed, his wife succumbed to tuberculosis. 

recumbent /rɪ'kʌmbənt/ (adj.)(尤指人)躺著的, 斜倚的 
  a recumbent figure 臥像(如繪畫或雕塑中的) 
  in a recumbent posture 躺著的姿勢

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