atheist /’eθɪɪst/ (n.)無神論者


apocryphal /ə’pɑkrəfəl/ (adj.)作者不明的;  偽的;經外書的

apocrypha [əˈpɑkrəfə] (n.)【宗】次經, 新約外傳, 偽經


Tips: The Apocrypha is a section of the Old Testament which is of dubious origin, and thus, excluded from most versions of the Bible. In everyday conversation, apocryphal refers to something that is probably not true but is widely believed. In literature, apocrypha refers to works that purport to have been created by somebody other than the author, usually someone famous.


Some people believe that aliens landed in Roswell, New Mexico, but I think that story is apocryphal. (false, doubtful)


apostate /ə’pɑstet/ (n.)(adj.)叛教者; 脫黨者;  反叛者 In those days apostasy was punishable by death.


apotheosis [ə‚pɒθɪ’əʊsɪs] (n.)尊奉為神;神化; 美化; 崇拜

apotheosize [əˈpɑθɪəˌsaɪz] (v.)尊崇…為神, 神化;崇拜

Exaltation to divine rank or staturedeification.

The Senator’s passage of the conservation bill proved to be the apotheosis of his political career. (pinnacle)



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