New Words & Slang (Merriam-Webster)

cyber hoarder (noun) : a person who saves excessive amounts of useless computer files (such as documents, images, etc.) on a computer drive.


ridiculati (noun) : people who are ridiculous or who do ridiculous things

The ridiculati are at it again, requiring two meetings to figure out how to order a paperclip.



(adjective) : affected by or as if by texting excessively


manualize (verb) : to make manual : to convert from automatic to manual


ansatz (noun) : an educated guess


bonus mom (noun) : stepmother


cybersarcasm (noun) : sarcasm used in cyberspace

I was attempting cybersarcasm which generally results in miscommunication.


babblewhack (noun) : the kind of talk that goes on and on, yet makes absolutely no sense whatsoever

The salesman was full of babblewhack; he continued talking for seemingly forever, yet we could not make any sense of what he was saying. —Brian Schilling, 3/31/2011


bicredit (verb) : to give credit for something to two or more people

After hours of reviewing the contributions of the authors, they decided that the short story would have to be bicredited.


inservice (noun) : a lecture or presentation made to a group of specialists or professionals (as educators, physicians, or pharmacists) as a means of further training

The staff has been invited to attend an inservice on a new medical procedure.



(noun) : an after-dinner snack or dessert


insourcing (noun) : the procurement of goods or services needed for a business or organization from within that business or organization rather than from outside contractors

The service is the latest to express reservations about insourcing, a policy the Obama administration has backed, but that contractor advocates have said was being implemented without enough analysis. The policy is meant to ensure federal employees are overseeing “inherently governmental" work, like awarding contracts. —Marjorie Censer, Washington Post, February 7, 2011


cyberslacking (noun) : the use of the Internet at work for personal activities

One report last year from law firm Peninsula estimates thatcyberslacking on social networking sites is costing UK employers £130 million per day. —Claudine Beaumont, The Telegraph, June 20, 2008


gambleholic (noun) : one who gambles excessively or compulsively



(verb) : to return to a state of order, neatness, or efficienc


manify (verb) : to make more masculine or manly



(noun) : globalization combined with a value placed on local needs and production


historize (verb) : to relate or provide the history of (something)



(noun) : the quality or state of being a professional



(noun) : fear of the sun


bullicide (noun) : suicide by a victim of bullying

All of these children — from places like Houston; Tehachapi, Calif.; and Rushkin, Fla. — killed themselves this year. Each was a victim of bullying, or what is now called “bullicide.” Many of these teens were also victims of anti-gay hate crimes. —Leslie Crawford, The Great Schools Blog, October 14, 2010


caffeinism (noun) : edginess and irritability caused by the consumption of too much caffeine

Remember the days when we used to talk about our problems over a cup of coffee? Well, now coffee is the problem… Taking stimulants and tranquilizers is like driving with your foot on the gas and the brakes at the same time. It’s all too easy for doctors to misdiagnose a case of out-and-out caffeinism… —John Hoime, Alternative Health Spas e-newsletter, September 17, 2010


dead zone

(noun) : an area in which wireless phone or Internet service is impossible


stroller (noun) : a piece of luggage with wheels and a telescopic handle


cyberchondriac (noun) : one who imagines physical ailments after reading about them on the Internet


wordrobe (noun) : one’s vocabulary

You can tell from her writing that she has an extensive wordrobe.



(noun) : an automated phone call that delivers a prerecorded message


nooner (noun) : a sexual encounter that takes place at noontime



(noun) : a person who uses Facebook



(noun) : outdated technology


scrid (noun) : a small amount

She saved a scrid of her burger to give to her dog.



(noun) : an escalator that is descending



(verb) : to include on an agenda



(noun) : a person who posts or watches videos on YouTube



(adjective) : able to be found through a search on Google



(verb) : to communicate by voice over the Internet using the Skype service



(verb) : to make concise


theosophia (noun) : knowledge of divine things



(noun) : acne on a person’s back


panphilosophy (noun) : a philosophy that seeks to explain all areas of human study


mysteriophile (noun) : a person who enjoys reading mystery novels


numismaphobic (adjective) : having a pathological fear or loathing of coins


grammarize (verb) : to make something grammatically correct : to correct the grammar used in speech or writing


w8 (abbreviation) : wait

w8 for me when you get there.


greenovative (adjective) : innovative in green technology

The public and private sectors are becoming greenovative in their environmental and technology investments to reduce their carbon footprints. —Karen Stewartson,


numismatize (verb) : to inspect various forms of currency

“If I had a pile of pennies on my desk, I could numismatize for hours."


yappery (verb) : needless speech that stalls, delays, or filibusters

The meeting ended before I was able to ask a question due to his artful yappery. —Don Carton



(adjective) : having one’s character assassinated through true or false statements using the social networks of the Internet



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