be|he|moth /bɪh’iːmɒθ, AM -məθ/ (behemoths)
If you refer to something as a behemoth, you mean that it is extremely large, and often that it is is unpleasant, inefficient, or difficult to manage. (JOURNALISM or LITERARY)
The city is a sprawling behemoth with no heart.
…his behemoth 1,047 page book.
= monster


/bi hee"meuhth, bee"euh-/, n.
an animal, perhaps the hippopotamus, mentioned in Job 40:15-24.
any creature or thing of monstrous size or power: The army’s new tank is a behemoth. The cartel is a behemoth small business owners fear.
[1350-1400; < Heb bahemoth, an aug. pl. of bahemah beast; r. ME bemoth]


河馬; 龐然大物; 巨獸




“I come from the orcs, we eat with spoons and forks, we love to eat our pork!" That’s the sound of a male orc in online roleplaying behemoth World of Warcraft. In China, it may also be the sound of an orc male working on the chain gang, by which I mean an actual Chinese prisoner playing an orc male in Blizzard’s mega-MMO to rack up very serious (and very real) coin for Chinese prison guards.


In a perfect, law-abiding world, no child under 13 has a Facebook account. But this world is pretty far from ideal, if the 7.5 million tweens — and younger kids — trolling the social-media behemoth are any gauge. Now, if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gets his way, that already impressive number will explode.


Where were we when we last discussed the soap opera that is soccer’s governing body (and veritable global behemoth), FIFA? Ah yes, President Sepp Blatter — who, given the power of his position and the popularity of the sport, is arguably as influential as the Pope — claimed he was going to clean up the sport for good if re-elected on June 1 while his challenger, Mohamed Bin Hammam, said much the same. ‘Twas ever thus.



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