CNN iReport: World’s most ‘revolting’ foods

Everyone likes to tell their friends, and sometimes the world, about the most delicious dishes they discover. But not everything is a tasty delicacy worthy of letters home.

Or are they? Do gruesome foodstuffs such as woodworms and fried frogs taste much better than they sound?

We asked our brave iReporters to tell us about the most disgusting foods they’ve come across on their travels. Here’s what they submitted:


1. Century eggs, China


Century eggs — not as old as they sound, but they taste like it.

Century eggs are popular among the Chinese as a pungent appetizer served with pickled ginger, or cooked in congee. But for others, the idea of feasting on black eggs that have been preserved in clay for months may not be appetizing. 

iReporter Danny Holwerda purchased the notorious foodstuff from an Asian supermarket in Texas in April this year and was not impressed with its taste.

“It’s awful — it tastes like the devil cooked eggs for me,” said Holwerda. “It tastes like something that used to be an egg, but made some really horrible choices."

“I’m actually in the middle of a month-long project for my blog. There have been some memorable ones so far, but none as awful as century eggs.”

Century eggs can be purchased at most Asian supermarkets in the United States, as well as grocery stores throughout China.



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