at the helm 

in charge of  負責, 掌舵

Arthur remained at the helm of the company for 40 years.


at the mercy of

entirely in the power of; subject to: 完全受…支配,聽由…擺佈,在…掌握中

They were at the mercy of their captors.   Alsoat one’s mercy.   

When he was a child he was completely at the mercy of his step-mother.


come to a halt

to stop; to slow down and stop

After the bus came to a halt, more people got on.

come to terms with

to start to accept and deal with a difficult situation

She’s never really come to terms with her son’s death.

It’s very hard coming to terms with the fact that you’ll never have children.

in the grip of

controlled by something

The country was in the grip of a continuing and deep depression.

She sways and stomps and even cries when she’s in the grip of her music-making.

take a dim view of

to regard with disapproval, skepticism, or dismay

Her mother takes a dim view of her choice of friends.

to the hilt

to the very limit; with nothing lacking

All through the trial, he has backed his wife up to the hilt.

They took the new aircraft and tested it to the hilt.

We can’t raise any more money – we’re mortgaged up to the hilt as it is.

With the government borrowing up to the hilt we can expect tax rises.

scratch the surface

if you scratch the surface of a subject or a problem, you only discover or deal with a very small part of it

Up to now newspaper articles have only scratched the surface of this tremendously complex issue.

single out

to choose someone or something for special attention

Rosa was singled out by the teacher because her art project was so creative.

I don’t know why they singled it out, but my report was severely criticized at the meeting.

on (a) par with

at the same level as someone or something

With their win today, the Rangers are now on a par with the Orioles in the team rankings.

one way or another

in some way that is not known yet

We’ll get out of this mess one way or another.

in the throes of

struggling with great effort with

In order to better understand what he’s managing, Wright is in the throes of immersing himself in the CFL culture.

on the drawing board

in the planning or design stage

The shopping center is still on the drawing board.

shed light on

to reveal something about something; to clarify something.

This discussion has shed some light on the problem.

Let’s see if Ann can throw any light on this question.

Thank you for shedding some light on what is really a very complicated subject.

sort out

to study a problem and figure it out

I can’t sort this out without some more time.

Detectives are still sorting out who was involved in the crime.

Let’s sort out this mess and settle it once and for all.

We haven’t had many chances to talk to each other and sort things out.


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